Lineage OS ROM Download: Install Lineage OS ROMs on Android Now!

Lineage OS ROM

Ahh! Lineage OS is trending these days! Isn’t it? 😉 Well, with the end of CyanogenMod OS, Lineage OS ROM is what people are searching for right now! There are tons of devices that are running on CyanogenMod OS and the sudden discontinuation of the existing OS has left the users thinking what to do next?

Well, if you are confused, let me tell you that Lineage OS has released its ROMs for various devices on their official website. The coding of Lineage OS ROM is still under development and we can expect all the Lineage OS ROMs to be available in the first week of January 2017! 😀

While you are still unaware of the fact that how to flash Lineage OS ROM in your Android device, I will be showing you how to do it in detail! But before that, you need to know what Stock ROM is and what Custom ROM of Lineage OS is.

Lineage OS ROM for Android Devices

What is Stock ROM?

Every Android device comes with a pre-installed ROM in it which is known as Stock ROM. These kinds of ROMs don’t allow you to do customizations or change the ROM according to your needs. In that case, you need to switch to custom ROMs. Confused? Let’s see what Custom ROMs are!

What is Custom ROM?

The ROMs which are developed on an open source or by developers based on Android Operating systems and are ready to customize are known as Custom ROMs. Lineage OS ROM is known as Custom ROM in that case. CyanogenMod OS is also the same but as the Cyanogen Inc has decided to end it; Lineage OS ROMs will be replacing all the devices installed with CyanogenMod.

So this is the basic difference between a stock ROM and a custom ROM. I hope that you got what Lineage OS ROM is all about. Isn’t it? If yes, then you must be eager to download the respective ROMs on your Android devices. Aren’t you? 🙂

Lineage OS ROMs Download

As of now, there are very limited resources to download Lineage OS ROM for your Android devices. Although these sources are not from official developers, they are just tweaks to an existing operating system’s code. So trying these below given Lineage OS ROMs might turn out to be unsafe. It’s better to wait till the official announcement is made from the Lineage OS developers!

In total, there are 4 Lineage OS ROMs released by some unofficial developers on platforms like XDA developers and Android File Host. So here you go with the complete list of Lineage OS ROM.

Lineage OS Download

#1. Lineage OS 14.1 for all Android devices can be downloaded here!

#2. The LeEco 2 ROM of Linage OS is given here.

#3. Custom Lineage OS ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 can be found here.

#4. Lineage OS OnePlus One ROM is ready to install on this link.

So these are very few Lineage OS ROM released till date! We will keep you updated as more ROMs are released for Lineage operating system. Well, looking at the craze of users to download Lineage OS, it’s quite clear that this operating system is going to be the best in the market till now!

Right after downloading these Lineage OS ROMs on your mobile phones, you need to enable the root access if the developer hasn’t given that in the existing ROM. To make sure that you are eligible to use all the apps and games, it’s must to enable root in Lineage OS based smartphones.

Enable Root Access in Lineage OS

The overall process of enabling the root access in Lineage OS is pretty simple. Just follow the below given detailed guide to enable it within a fraction of seconds. Here you go!

#1. Head over to the settings menu in Lineage OS ROM based device.

#2. Scroll down the settings menu and tap on About Phone option (can be found at the end of your screen)

#3. Then you need to tap on the Build Number for 7-8 times or even more until you enable the developer option in it.

#4. Now navigate back to settings menu once the developer option is enabled.

#5. Next step is to open the developer options from the settings menu.

#6. Scroll down the screen and find the Root Access in the menu and tap on it.

#7. Enable root for ADB & Apps by selecting it from the root access menu.

#8. Once you complete the above given steps, just restart your phone and you are all set to enable the root access on Lineage OS.

Here’s How to Install Lineage OS ROM

If you compare the Lineage OS ROM and CyanogenMod OS ROM, you might hardly find any differences as Lineage OS is just the continuation of what CyanogenMod was! So not making you wait anymore, 😛 here’s the detailed guide on how to flash Lineage OS ROM on your Android devices!

  1. Firstly, you need to unlock the boot loader on your Android device. Take a note that this may delete all the data present in your smartphone.
  2. There are many ways to install a custom recovery tool but the best way is to do it in the terminal using tools like TWRP.
  3. Now download .IMG file from the official website of particular tool and save it on your computer or laptop.
  4. Ensure that AndroidSDK and ABD are already installed in your computer before you download the .IMG file in the above given step.
  5. Open command prompt in your PC and type Fastboot Flash Recovery:XYZ (XYX = Location of Recovery File).
  6. Once done, reboot your device. It will boot normally and if not, you have done something wrong in the above steps. Crosscheck it and try it again if not done rightly!
  7. Now it’s time to Flash the Lineage OS ROM file but just clicking on install and just navigate to the respective folder.
  8. Accept the popup shown on the device to install it.
  9. It’s now time to flash GApps Zip file as the Google apps don’t come pre-installed on the Lineage OS ROM.
  10. Right after this, you need to reboot your device. That’s it!

You are all set to use the brand new Lineage OS ROM on your Android devices. Know more about the Lineage OS supported devices which are expected to accept and install Lineage OS without any hassles!

Conclusion of Lineage OS ROM for Android Smartphones!

So this is all about Lineage OS ROM and the best way install it on your Android device. If you face any issues while installing ROM of Lineage OS, do let me know. I will get back to you at the earliest with possible solutions! Hook yourselves up to LineageOSRoms.Net for more updates on latest and official releases of Lineage OS ROMs 🙂